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What Are Phytonutrients?

These are the chemicals in plants that have protective or disease preventive properties. The properties can also help to protect humans against many of the same things.

There are 1000s of phytonutrients, but some of the most well-known ones are lycopene which is found in tomatoes and Flavonoids which are found in fruits.
  • Alkaloids
  • Phenolic Acids
Do we get Enough Phytonutrients
in our Diet?
No, we do not.
Today as we eat more and more processed foods, the amount of health enhancing phytonutrients we intake is becoming less and less. We need to take 5-9 servings of vegetables each day to maintain a healthy intake of these vital phytonutrients.
It is also important to get these phytonutrients from natural sources wherever possible to ensure we gain maximum benefit from our foods.

Vida Phytonutrients Juice Can Help

Our juice is produced from over 100 fruits and vegetables and takes over 1 year to produce. Our Vida Phytonutrients juice can help you to maintain a healthy phytonutrient intake to help you have a healthier life.

100+ Fruits & Vegetables in Every Serving
100% Pesticide Free Sources
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Vida is Not Just a Healthy Phytonutrient Drink
You can use Vida in many ways as a healthy extra to your food during the day. Adding this to your foods has a triple benefit for you and your family.
Vida Everyday Food Applications
Vida can be used in many ways throughout the day to enhance your family's health. Try Vida with your food as a condiment or sauce, even for desserts, and see the difference this makes!
Vida Triple Benefit
  • Boost Phytonutrient Content of your Meals
  • Reduce the Sugar Impact in Desserts Through L-Arabinose
  • Aid Digestion - Phytonutrient Boost to Enzyme Actions