ING Biotek Success at Drinktec 2017 Germany Exhibition

ING Biotek, makers of the Vida Brand of Antioxidant enzyme juice are exhibiting for the first time at Drinktec 2017.

The Drinktec 2017 exhibition has been great with a huge number of buyers from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia visiting our booth to discuss and get to know our new Vida brand products.

Our Anti oxidant phytochemical juice is made here in Taiwan from over 100 Fruits, vegetables and herbs and is guaranteed to contain no pesticides or other harmful additives.

We also incorporate L-Arabinose into our juice. This natural compound helps to block the absorption of sugars helping you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels so it can form an important part of your healthy diet.

At ING Biotek we use the best traditional methods for the production of our Anti oxidant phytochemival juice. Our process takes over a year to complete and our anti oxidant enzyme juice contains more nutrients and important phytochemical than any other similar product on the market.

Many thanks to all of the people who have visited our booth so far and we look forward to making many new friends and business partners in the near future!

Best Regards

The Vida Biotek Team

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