We Make the Best Phytonutrients Juices!

At our facility in Taiwan we have been manufacturing phytonutrient products for over a decade and have enormous experience finding the best combinations of fruits vegetables and herbs to make the perfect phytonutrients juice for our customers.

Here are some of the key steps in our production process to give you an
idea of the work that goes into every bottle of Vida Phytonutrients Juice.

  • Sourcing

    Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

    Using Only Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
    Maximum Freshness & Phytonutrient Plus Nutritional Content
  • Preparation

    Individually Prepared
    Fruits & Vegetables

    Fruits & Vegetables Are Washed, Cut & Prepared For
    Fermentation Individually
  • Production

    Where the Magic Happens!

    Fermentation – 6 Months
    Adding Acetic Acid Fungus – Turns alcohol into acid – 2 Months
  • Batching

    The Best Combination of Ingredients

    Testing Acidity
    Mixing Over 100 Fruits Vegetables & Herbs and Aging for 6 Months
  • Inspection & Testing

    The safety and stable quality of our products is vital for us and we inspect each and every batch to make sure it perfectly matches our requirements.
  • Bottling & Packaging

    Our Unique small molecule filter makes Vida Phytonutrients juice pleasant to drink and easily absorbed by the body.